This is a nine-part lesson which takes you through all the basic steps to create several different drawn thread design examples.  The patterns were taken from Therese de Dillmont’s work (Lacis reprint) Drawn Thread Embroidery.  If you follow these steps in order, you should then be able to follow most pictures you find and understand how they are made.  An excellent magazine which features drawn thread work is from Italy:  Rakam. It is currently being sold through Amazon Books .

Table of Contents

Step One: Prliminary Instructions

Step Two: Setting Up the Fabric

Step Three: Basic Knotting

Step Four: Basic Knotting Part Two

Step 5: Fancy Knotting Part One

Step 6: Fancy Knotting Part Two

Step 7: Fans – Part One

Step 8: Fans – Part Two

Step 9: Additional knotting instructions

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Project: Finished Embroidery

Download PDF:  Drawn Thread