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Our Friendship Page:

Heritage Shoppe is a place to share your work with others on the Internet. ¬†This is our friendship page. You will need to either get a suitable photograph and mail (or email) it to me, or send me the finished piece, I’ll get it ready for the web and return the finished piece to you. You do not need to include return envelopes or postage, although that is always welcome. You do need to include a readable return address.

How to Participate:

Email, write to Heritage Shoppe to receive the patterns or ask any questions you may have, or download from the link in the next column.  Email a photo of your finished piece, or send the finished piece to:

Heritage Shoppe, 315 Congress Street, Oconto, Wisconsin 54153

Your work will be returned.

The Patterns:

1. A line drawing which may be enlarged up to 5 inches (13cm).

2. Charts for any type of counted work. This includes canvas embroidery. The color on the chart is simply there to create visual divisions in the work and should not be construed as the actual hues that should be used. Also included is a symbol chart for those who prefer working in this manner.

Download the PDF Version

The Parameters:

You are not limited to any medium or technique. This includes but is not limited to: ribbon floss, ribbon, any type or size of thread or yarn, beads, applique, wool grounds, Hardanger, reticella, cutwork, plain embroidery, free-hand machine embroidery.

You can duplicate any technique already featured.

You may use color or try white-on-white.