4 x 5 booklets to keep as references. Every attention to detail for your learning and enjoyment. Large and accurate graphics with step-by-step directions. Photos of actual pieces where relevant. History and other details not often found in pattern materials.

Molly is in an 8-1/2 by 11 spiral notebook format.

For other on-line instructions, see our  Stitches Library for many in-depth embroidery techniques – some in PDF format.

For a free and extensive work on beginning embroidery, hand sewing, construction, and finishing, see the Primer .

Contact Heritage Shoppe for details on any project, materials or questions you may have.  Some of these patterns/projects were prior EGA group correspondence courses.

Fees vary by project and include detailed instructions, how-to graphics, and patterns developed by Heritage Shoppe,  Shipping costs are included in the cost of each project or project with kit.

Fees include an evaluation by Heritage Shoppe of your final project – e-mail questions/answers, or personal evaluation by normal mail for hands-on learning at any time during the course of the completion of the project.

Each project contains a detailed listing of all supplies needed. You will be introduced to many fine fabrics and threads to expand your knowledge.

KITS: A few kits are currently available.  See individual course listings for more information.

You may email at anytime for additional help. You can also send a sample of your work for a free critique and additional suggestions.