A Basic Guide to Embroidery and Hand Sewing

primersectionA - From the Beginning
What makes a Skilled Needle Worker?
Reaching for Perfection
How Do I Get Started?

primersectionB – Hand Tools
Threads – Sewing
The Use of Beeswax
Embroidery Threads
Thread Terminology
Needle Threaders
Scissors & Shears
Sewing Birds
Hoops and Frames
Tracing, Pencils & Techniques
How to Trace Designs

primersectionC – Basic Stitching

Stitching – An Overview

Knots in Sewing and Embroidery
Embroidery: The Beginnings
The Ends
Sewing Method vs Stab Method


The Ins and Outs of Grain
Preparing Fabrics
Fabric Grain

primersectionD – Samplers
The Age–Old Art Of Samplers
The First Sampler
Embroidery Sampler
Blanket Stitch
Chain Stitch
Stem Stitch
Outline Stitch
Coral Stitch
Plain & Fancy Hemming
Plain Hemming
Fixes for Less Than Perfect Withdrawn Threads
Hand Made Buttonholes
In Conclusion

primersectionE – Two Projects
A Small, Embroidered and Hemstitched Bag
A Pincushion

Kit is for linen embroidered bag and contains patterns, linen, embroidery threads, and cord tie.