When worked on cloth, which should be of a coarse enough nature to easily count threads, one can go over two threads.

First, a diagonal stitch is worked.

Come up at 1, down at 2.

Come up at 3, leave a loop, down at 4.

Come up at 5 and create another diagonal stitch by going down at 6.

Come up at 7 to begin the next Velvet stitch.


The illustration at left shows the working of the stitch. Note the diagonal “cross” stitches created which hold (lock) the stitch in place.

Stitch illustration at left from Mary Thomas’s original Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches.


At left is embroidery in crewel and stranded cottons on Austrlian doctor’s flannel. This is a readily counted wool ground.

The yellow flower centers are worked in velvet stitch using three strands of floss over two threads of the ground